Leverage the power of storytelling to scale your business, forge an unbreakable bond with your audience, and build a brand that people can’t get enough of

Leverage storytelling to scale your business, forge an unbreakable bond with your audience, & build a brand that people can’t get enough of


A lot of people have a business that probably does okay. Hey, it might even do pretty well. But what most people don’t have, is a brand. 

Having a powerful personal brand in today’s world is an unparalleled commodity. 


Because the only thing that makes your offer different to the million other people who do the exact same thing that you do, is you. A lot of Business Coaches and Mentors will teach you the mechanics of how to build, market, sell and deliver an offer. What they don’t teach you is how to stand out in what is continually becoming an even more crowded marketplace of online business owners, who let’s be honest, all kind of do the same thing. 

When someone is considering working with you, the thing that sets you apart is your brand. When you have a real brand built on the unique essence of who you are, you have no competition because there’s only one you. Instead, you become a monopoly; an industry of one. 

Think about this. 

We automatically want to work with people that we feel a deep, genuine connection with. We want to know for sure that the person we’re hiring understands us. We want to know that they believe what we believe. That they value what we value. 

We hire people with whom we see similarities. 

This is how all connection is formed; shared interests, values, beliefs and… a shared journey. 

The most powerful asset you have, is your STORY

All human connection is built on our ability to share our story. 

If you want to make a real impact in the world, it all starts with standing up and using your voice. 

All human change and transformation is rooted in the humble beginnings of a simple, yet powerful story. 

We all have a story worth telling. 

Stories carry emotion and inspire hope. They show us through lived experience what is possible. They remind us of our strength, tenacity & our potential. Stories are the essence of our humanity. They are the fundamental way in which we connect deeply to one another.

The truth is that your life is probably more impactful than you realise. 

We inspire others simply by living. By getting up and enduring. By fighting hardships. By rising. By persevering when the odds are against us. Every breath, every heartbeat is a symbol of triumph. 

We live to tell our stories. To remind others that they can too. 

Stories are eternal promises that we etch into the sands of time. They live longer than our skin & bones. They immortalise our pioneering spirit. They give hope when we feel lost. They are the torches that light up the dark.

Your journey is one worth telling.

Your battles and triumphs are significant.

The wisdom & lessons you have learned are fundamental to awakening the lives of others —

Awakening them to the greatness of their own existence.

We are here to inspire & empower the world through the gift of our lives. We do this through the power of story. It is one of the oldest rites of passage of HumanKind. It is our Blood. Our origin. It is our Present & it is our Future.

Your time is now.

Is this you?

you desire to be seen for who you really are, not just what you do

you want to make a huge impact in the world 

you want to feel confident in your brand 

you compare yourself to others and sometimes worry about the competition

when you think about staying within one niche, you feel uninspired and shut down

Every single week you receive messages from people telling you how much you inspire them and have changed their lives… 

People share your story with others as a beacon of a hope and inspiration for what’s possible

When you walk down the street, you get stopped and people know who you are 

Whenever you launch a new offer, it flies off the shelves because people are so bought into who you are

Scaling an online business actually becomes *easy* because new people (and cold traffic) warm to you quickly, which results in conversions that completely shatter all industry benchmarks 


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Leverage the power of storytelling to scale your business, forge an unbreakable bond with your audience, and build a brand that people can't get enough of

Imagine this...

What you’ll learn:

Module one

Story Structure

  • The 3 act story structure
  • The 6 elements of drama
  • The Monomyth & The Hero’s Journey
  • The Heroine’s Journey 

Module Two

Personal Branding 101

  • What is a Personal Brand?
  • What are your Personal Brand Pillars?
  • What’s your vision?
  • What’s your mission?
  • What are your values? 
  • What do you believe in?
  • Branding 101 

Module Three

Write Your Brand Story

  • How to tell your brand story (the process for mapping it out) 
  • Hot seats/Q&A

Module Four

  • How to write an intro post for the gram
  • How to tell your brand story on stories 
  • How to tell your brand story in an email sequence
  • How to turn your story into a video script, then film it; include templates 
  • How to leverage your brand story: in an email sequence, in an ebook, at the beginning of your webinar, as a retargeting Ad, story highlight, on your website, for PR. 

Leverage Your Story In Your Marketing

Module Five

The Evolution Of Your Story

  • The evolution of you & what’s relevant as you grow and your offers change
  • The difference between your LIFE STORY vs the current iteration of your brand or offer story; explain the various evolutions of my brand story 
  • Telling the story of your offer 

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success stories

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but I’ve signed 3 clients effortlessly since my brand story about 8 days ago.. 

one higher ticket, one medium, one low. Over $4k.. not bad since I’ve been doing only $3.5k a month. 

And I’ve never felt so congruent! 

Plenty to learn, but I’m seeing how this works. 💪

Aaron Cartwright

Carly Anna

Phoebe - I’ve already had two random people message me after that post.

One was asking straight away to work with me... lol.

You’re a genius!

My brand story post is also running as an ad for my free group.

It’s attracting my kind of people.

I did this program in January.

Keep charging.

Nima Rahmany

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou


Is this a live program, or pre recorded?

Brand Story is a self-study course. There are no live calls or coaching of any kind.

What is the refund policy?

All sales are final for this course. Due to the inherent nature of educational programs and the electronic transmission of the same, there are no refunds. So make sure you read the sales page, ask the questions you’ve got BEFORE you purchase and access the program.

I think this is perfect of me, but I'd like to be sure. Can I talk to someone?

Of course! Message me directly on Instagram @phoebekuhn. I’d be super happy to answer any questions you might have!

Or email support@phoebekuhn.com and the team will make sure you have all the deets!


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